We want to help your little one learn from home; so we’ve cut our prices in half!

Develop a lifelong love of reading with Phonics in Motion & Storyberries. 


Every child deserves to learn to read and write. With Phonics in Motion, every adult can be a great teacher.

Develop a lifelong love of reading with this multi-sensory teaching method.


Harness kids' energy and imagination to transform the learning experience as you read and explore language together.

Phonics in Motion honors the inner child.

Learning together becomes quality time.

Join us, and develop a lifelong love of learning with your little one. 

Easily Integrate With Stories You Love


Easily integrate Phonics in Motion into the stories your children love.  Make language come to life for your little one by using motion to hunt for sounds as you read!

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Our Mission:

Why We're Here: Phonics in Motion exists to help families and teachers set kids up for successful, happy lives. 

Join us! We do this by offering you a way to teach reading and writing that truly develops a life-long love of learning

Children are set up for success with the gift of literacy, while forming a highly positive relationship with learning.

With Phonics in Motion, learning and fun become one and the same.

What is Phonics in Motion?


The Complete Alphabet Early Literacy Program is the perfect way to help your child get a head start on their education.

Give your child a strong foundation for reading and writing success. The best part? It’s fun and easy for both you and your child!  

Your child will learn to identify the sounds of the alphabet by using a motion for each sound as you read together. 

The Reading & Writing Monster will teach them how to match the sounds with their letters, and to master handwriting of every letter in a fun way.

What's included?

  • Instant access to a community with other families & educators using PIM to support you
  • Activities for each letter of the alphabet
  • Quick and easy video training for you
  • Videos of 26 motions for the sounds of the alphabet
  • Poems for each letter
  • The Reading & Writing Monster handwriting animations
  • Downloadables for you to support your little one(s) in mastering handwriting and letter identification. 

With this program, your child will be ahead of the curve when it comes to foundational skills for reading and writing success.

If your child cannot write their letters, or tell you the sound that every letter makes, this will help you to support them in a fun, child-friendly way.


Yes, they will learn to read just fine with any decent program, but they will not fall in love with reading the way they do with Phonics in Motion. Instead of teaching language rules that are hard and stressful for kids to remember, I now have a story for everything I teach. I use PIM in my Kindergarten classroom and at home with my own kids...  and they practically beg for more reading and writing time. I no longer have to work to capture their attention, they are engaged and so eager for the next time the monster will appear, or the next time that /th/ sticks its tongue out. It's also the most comprehensive early literacy method that I have ever come across.

- Gina Palazzo, PIM Kindergarten Teacher & mama of two.


Start here with little ones! Best for two year olds > Third Grade.

This product is a true gift to preschoolers and kindergarteners as it provides a critical foundational skill that supports successful reading and writing. It's great for our youngest learners, but is also used all the way trough third grade in tandem with other skill-building strategies. The motions become a cherished support for your learner for years to come! 

What do they do? The development of phonemic awareness (the ability to hear and differentiate between the smallest sounds in our language) is critical to the long-term learning and mastery of reading and writing. 

PIM has a Kinesthetic Motion for each sound in our language (KMPs), as well as for various word endings and "chunks." They make learning more memorable, engaging, and fun for both students and teachers. You will use them to hunt for sounds in poems and books, and even at the grocery store! Learning opportunities become limitless with the motions. 

Why use them? You want your child to be able to hear each sound (and show you with the motion) before working on matching a letter to a sound or writing letters. After all, we write what we hear! Before writing work begins, your little one will benefit immensely from becoming skilled in identifying sounds.

What's included?

  • Instant access to a community with other families & educators using PIM to support you
  • Video training to quickly teach you the power (and the fun!) of the motions. 
  • All 52 motions so you can get to hunting for every sound in the english language.
  • Activities & poems for each sound in the english language.  

What comes next? Once writing work has begun, the KMPs are used extensively in tandem with phonics work throughout Second and Third Grades. Many spelling challenges are actually related to this critical "building block skill" of identifying what we hear. Only then can a writer move on to deciding how to spell and write what they hear. This simple skill will support your child for years to come!


Best for First Grade & Up. The Complete Alphabet Early Literacy Program is the perfect way to help your child get a head start on their education.

If your child can write every letter with easy, and knows the sounds that each letter makes, then it's time to support them in learning how to apply these skills to read & write. Let's make spelling and phonics fun & easy!

The Vowel House makes learning to spell & read FUN. It's your new home for phonics instruction. Your kids won't know that though! They'll be engaging with the characters who live in each window as they learn the sounds that each vowel makes, along with the ways to spell that sound. The VH becomes a reference guide to support first graders & up as they develop their analytic decision-making skills related to spelling, and reading too.

What's included?

  • Word lists to develop every vowel sound and spelling pattern 
  • Quick and easy video training for you to learn how to use the Vowel House to support your child.
  • 18 motions to develop the vowel sounds.  
  • Ebook outlining how to teach phonics and spelling in a kid-friendly, multi-sensory way. 
  • Poems and worksheets to practice listening and spelling what we hear.

With this program, your child will be supported with a spelling strategy that makes sense. It's light, fun, and powerful. Their learnings will support them even when you're not there -- it's a strategy that they can take with them. 

Phonics in Motion will give you the knowledge and tools you need to develop strong readers and writers, in a fun and authentic way. 


Questions? Email us at support@phonicsinmotion.com

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