Vowel House Spelling Program

Vowel House Spelling Program

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Vowel House Spelling Program

The Vowel House isn't your ordinary teaching aid. It's a dynamic graphic organizer meticulously crafted to categorize the sounds in our language.

It neatly separates r-controlled vowels, short vowels, long vowels, and diphthongs, providing a structured roadmap to the world of phonics.

Explore topics like syllable structure, phoneme-level remediation, and functional knowledge, all essential building blocks for literacy development. 

The Vowel House emphasizes the importance of connecting sounds to their spellings. Unlock the potential of your students as they make literacy decisions based on what they hear, revolutionizing their reading and writing skills.

$47.00 / year

The Vowel House Teaches:


What Is The Vowel House?

It’s a visual organization of spellings patterns, based on their sounds. Kids begin use the Vowel House to group and understand the relationship between sounds and their spellings, based on where each sound “lives” in the house.


Why did we create the Vowel House?

English is a complex language and in many cases there are several ways to spell the same sound. For young learners, this can be particularly hard to understand. The Vowel House helps kids conquer this concept, by equipping them with a clear way to organize sounds. This structure helps them more easily decide how to spell what they hear.

How does it work?

The Vowel House gives kids a strategy that they can lean on to make spelling decisions, even when you aren't there to help. Phonics in Motion has developed Kinesthetic Motions for the Phonemes (otherwise known as KMPs). There is a unique motion for every sound in the English language. As kids learn, they physically match the motion to the sound that they hear, and then use the visual of the vowel house to easily decide how to translate the sound to spelling.


Who else lives in the Vowel House?

In addition to the motions, the fun characters who live in the Vowel House explain why language behaves the way it does. Better yet, they enable you to ditch stressful, hard to remember language rules, and make learning magical for kids. Why does bike say "bike" and not bik? Because Big Mouth e is hanging out at the end of the word, calling his friend i i i! Just wait until you meet the ghosts, and all of the other characters who bring language to life!


What's Included:

On-demand video training

The Vowel House eBook outlining the complete teaching method

Multisensory teaching routines

Video library for the KMPs for the Vowel Sounds

Downloadable Vowel House and "Teaching Windows"

Stories and scripts for the characters that live in The Vowel House

Sound cards and activities

Poems for each sound and spelling

Worksheets that help kids understand primary and alternate spellings

Word lists to develop all of the spelling patterns for every window




Heather J.

I have to use state supported curriculums in my classroom but the programs are so dang boring its almost painful for the kids. PIM has been my saving grace. I am meeting the requirements at my building … but we’re the most fun classroom I could imagine now. Everything has changed for the better. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


Laci Danielson

As a homeschool parent I needed to find something that would teach me how to teach. PIM quickly helped me to get up to speed and feel confident that I am providing what my kids need. I chose to homeschool for many reasons, but one key reason was that I wanted my kids to get to be kids. PIM is SO much fun; and it has everything I needed to teach early literacy. 


Becky Mammich

I’ve seen PIM develop over my career and have relied on it for my teachers over the years. I’ve brought it to many schools throughout my career, and I see it help teachers to be their best selves, serving learners with engaging and effective literacy instruction time and time again.

Questions? Email us at support@phonicsinmotion.com

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