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How To Teach Reading – The 4 Multisensory Routines You Need

Wondering how to teach reading through a multisensory approach?  Helping children develop top-notch reading & writing skills is essential. Phonics in Motion (PIM) emerges as a vibrant and engaging approach, tailored to captivate young minds while fostering foundational reading and writing abilities. It’s a method designed not only for homeschoolers but also for educators seeking […]

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Reading Fluency: What It Is & Why It Matters

Reading fluency is one of the most essential yet challenging components of early literacy. Yet, many parents and teachers do not understand it well, sometimes thinking that reading fluency is a matter of how fast a child can read. This is far from the truth! Reading fluency goes much deeper than speed. It has to […]

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When Do We Use Minimal Pairs?

Teaching language to students is always enjoyable and rewarding, but do you have a fun and effective method of teaching Minimal Pairs? We use Minimal Pairs to improve the pronunciation of distinct sounds (phonemes) in a particular language. Through practice, Minimal Pairs assists with the correct pronunciation, enabling us to distinguish the different sounds in […]

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The Power of Muscle Memory in Reading and Writing

  Learning how to read and write is a difficult task for children. It takes time, patience, and practice. Muscle memory can help! Incorporating kinesthetic movement in the classroom will make learning fun while improving reading skills!  The kinesthetic movement in the classroom approach has been proven to increase early literacy outcomes by providing opportunities […]

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