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What Is Phonics And How Does It Work?

  It’s no secret that kids love to read. But sometimes they just don’t know where to start. Phonics instruction helps kids unlock the world of reading and writing. Phonics is the link between spoken and written language. Children first use it to “crack the code” of print so that they can begin to read […]

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When Do We Use Minimal Pairs?

Teaching language to students is always enjoyable and rewarding, but do you have a fun and effective method of teaching Minimal Pairs? We use Minimal Pairs to improve the pronunciation of distinct sounds (phonemes) in a particular language. Through practice, Minimal Pairs assists with the correct pronunciation, enabling us to distinguish the different sounds in […]

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An Inclusive Classroom Benefits Students in All Stages of Early Literacy

Mark loves to build things.  Lainey loves to act things out.  Cameron loves to draw.  Marquis is a dancer and loves to move!  Research shows that an inclusive classroom benefits all students.  When planning, we need to focus equally on what children learn, and how they learn.  Learners have different learning styles to acquire knowledge, […]

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Moving Beyond Sound Walls: PIM’s Approach to Reading Instruction

Traditionally, primary education classrooms have utilized word walls. While they may have been somewhat successful, literary science shows that early learners respond better to and have better learning outcomes from sound walls.  The problem is, word walls are often not used frequently throughout the whole year. Why? Teachers end up ditching them when they realize […]

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