Phonics in Motion 101

By Jurie on February 1, 2021

Phonics in Motion 101


$27.00 for 1 year

Join us for a virtual, on-demand training with Dr. Kindervater and Carina Powers. We cover the four components in just over an hour.

Love the book but want to see it all done? Here it is!

Or want to dabble with PIM a bit to see what all the talk is about before buying the book? Take this quick course! But trust us, if you don't want to teach with boring, hard-to-remember rules and want to bring FUN stories into your phonemic teaching strategy, you'll want the book too! Let's just say there are TOO MANY fun stories to remember! šŸ˜‰

In this course, you will learn all of the KMPs, the Handwriting Stories, and the basics of teaching with the Language Calendar and the Vowel House -- all in about an hour! Get cozy and get your notepad ready!

Phonics in Motion is an integrated program. The KMPs are used in every other component. They’re embedded in handwriting stories and used on the Language Calendar. They also live in the Vowel House. You'll bring words from poetry, the Language Calendar, and authentic language experiences to the Vowel House - it all connects! If you're interested in the entire system, our family value bundle and educator value bundles include this product and are the most cost-effective and comprehensive way to leverage PIM. Check it out here and save! 

To keep prices as low as possible while making an effort to reach as many families as possible, PIM family products include a one-year subscription that can be renewed year after year.


  • On-Demand Virtual Training.
  • Demonstration of all KMPs.
  • Learn all four components: KMPs, Reading & Writing Monster, Language Calendar, Vowel House.
  • See a sample lesson where all four components are used together.
  • Learn the PIM basics in an hour.
  • Demonstration of Reading & Writing Monster handwriting stories WITH the KMPs.
  • Includes text transcript (no need to take notes).
  • Receive a complimentary code for 20% off any single PIM product after completing your training. Use it, or share with a friend!
  • A great compliment to the book -- SEE it done.
  • Access to the Virtual Training Community to ask questions and share your PIM journey with.
  • Periodic, invite-only, live coffee chats with a PIM trainer (sometimes Dr. Kindervater!) to answer your questions post training.

What Will I Learn From This Training? 


Phonics in Motion will give you the help you need to help your learners have fun as they develop handwriting, speech, and reading skills.

Enjoy and have FUN! 

We’d love to see you and your students in action!
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Questions? Email us at support@phonicsinmotion.com

In this Super Pack You’ll Get: 

  • All 26 Reading and Writing Monster™ Handwriting Story animations. 
  • A variety of Downloadable Monster Paper™ for handwriting practice.  
  • A variety of activities to keep your little one busy and learning (preschool to second grade). 
  • If you have children in different grades, you do not need to purchase two versions; we have included modifications for learning levels. 

Example Handwriting Story Animation 

Monster Paper™  Download & print many options for different activities.


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