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How To Help Your Child Get Ready For Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a big step for both parents and children. It’s the first time that kids are away from their parents for an extended period of time and the first time that many families have to manage the transition into a new school. Helping your child get ready for kindergarten is an exciting time in […]

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Concept of Print Activities For Kindergarten – A Guide

Concept of print encompasses important pre-reading and early literacy skills that can be built from infancy, but there is a special focus in kindergarten as children begin their journey into literacy. You can think of it as the first step in reading when children are learning to connect sounds with letters and how to use […]

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How To Teach R-Controlled Vowels To Kids

Teaching r-controlled vowels can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Understanding these phonics sounds will significantly boost students reading and writing skills and are an integral part of kids’ literacy development. To teach r-controlled vowels to kids, introduce the concept, look at words with r-controlled vowels, find and identify r-controlled vowels, and then […]

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How To Develop Writing Skills In A Five-Year-Old

While many people believe that handwriting is simply a skill that children naturally learn, they are mistaken. Handwriting is actually a learned skill that requires a ton of practice and repetition in order for it to become second nature. Developing handwriting skills is an important part of lifelong educational success for children. The earlier they start […]

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How Do You Use Scarborough’s Reading Rope?

Scarborough’s reading rope is an excellent way for teachers and parents alike to ensure that all areas of literacy are covered during student instruction. The reading rope can make sure that you are teaching each strand in an interconnected way. Teaching all strands of Scarborough’s reading rope together helps kids develop better literacy skills. As […]

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What is Directionality in Reading?

When teaching kids how to read, one of the most basic skills they need to learn is directionality. It impacts all areas of early literacy learning and must be explicitly taught. Some students enter kindergarten with this skill, but many can take a while to catch on.  Directionality in reading refers to the ability to […]

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Teach Handwriting Without Worksheets

If you’re wondering how to teach handwriting without worksheets, we’ve got you covered. Usually, when you think of teaching kids to write letters, you think of workbooks and tracing sheets. It seems logical. Students trace letters to practice their writing, and eventually, they learn, right? Literacy experts are beginning to lean away from formal worksheets […]

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What Is Phonics And How Does It Work?

  It’s no secret that kids love to read. But sometimes they just don’t know where to start. Phonics instruction helps kids unlock the world of reading and writing. Phonics is the link between spoken and written language. Children first use it to “crack the code” of print so that they can begin to read […]

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Reading Fluency: What It Is & Why It Matters

Reading fluency is one of the most essential yet challenging components of early literacy. Yet, many parents and teachers do not understand it well, sometimes thinking that reading fluency is a matter of how fast a child can read. This is far from the truth! Reading fluency goes much deeper than speed. It has to […]

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The Importance of Growing Vocabulary

  Children need rich opportunities to learn and use new words. Vocabulary is an essential part of language competence. As kids grow, their vocabulary develops. The more words they know, the better they understand what they hear and read and thus become better communicators. A good vocabulary helps your child in school and beyond because […]

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