Individual Educators Monthly

By Jonathan Savage on December 14, 2018

Individual Educators Monthly

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Get your kids started with
Phonics in Motion
with a

Free Handwriting Monster Story

Get your students started with
Phonics in Motion
with a

Free Handwriting Monster Story

Get your students started with
Phonics in Motion
with a
Free Handwriting Monster Story

Get your students started with
Phonics in Motion
with a
Free Handwriting Monster Story!

Complete School Year Literacy Program for Teachers

Best for Preschool > Third Grade

Your one-stop-shop for all things PIM. Designed for professional educators and used by thousands of Preschool through Third Grade teachers, Intervention Specialists, Speech Therapists, Literacy Coaches, and more. Phonics in Motion delivers on the simple view of reading, and will change the way you teach early literacy.

Regardless of what you may already be using in your classroom ... and what you might "have" to do, PIM can be layered in without removing anything else. Add PIM in to bring a painfully boring curriculum to life. Watch your learners' faces light up with smile after smile as you engage with the Reading & Writing Monster, use the Motions (they want to move!), sing with poetry, demonstrate with the Language Calendar, and spend time in the Vowel House.

Your administrators will wonder what you attribute your success to. Your peers will wonder what these motions are that your learners are having so much fun with. Bring joy to your teaching and to your little ones' learning with PIM.

Our literacy routines do all of the planning and organizing for you so you can easily leverage the components of PIM. This package includes ALL of the tools described in ALL of the family products, and more, organized by the PIM Scope & Sequence. Using another scope and sequence? No problem! Access all of the tools organized by phoneme and easily use them with whatever else you are using. Also included is the Phonics in Motion Book and the PIM 101 Virtual Training. Over $700 in product value, wrapped into one product, designed for you.

Choose your preferred grade level and your payment plan. We offer a monthly subscription and an annual subscription with greater savings.

NOTE: PIM is a copyrighted teaching strategy and all materials are intended to be used ONLY by the licensed subscriber. If you wish to share PIM, we offer a referral bonus. Your subscription is for one single user/household only.

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Heather J.

I have to use state supported curriculums in my classroom that have been chosen for our entire district. I had two problems that I needed help with. First, I won’t share names but the programs are so dang boring its almost painful for the kids — but we have to use them. Second, I have something different I am supposed to teach with for phonics, vocabulary, and phonemic awareness …. And they do not fit together. PIM has been my saving grace. I learned PIM through the virtual training program that is included with the literacy routines. I now have a delivery system that enables me to connect all of the programs I have to use. I am meeting the requirements at my building … but we’re the most fun classroom I could imagine now. Everything has changed for the better. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


Laci Danielson

As a homeschool parent I needed to find something that would teach me how to teach. I wanted to be involved, and a screen-time program that would check the boxes wasn't an option for my family. I found this product that is designed for professional teachers and it quickly helped me to get up to speed and feel confident that I am providing what my kids need.

I chose to homeschool for many reasons, but one key reason was that I wanted my kids to get to be kids. PIM is SO much fun; they absolutely love the motions, the poetry, and the reading and writing monster. It's also great because my little one is exposed to his older sister and he's picking things up through authentic exposure! PIM is everything I needed to teach early literacy for homeschooling. 


Becky Mammich

I’ve seen PIM develop over my career and have relied on it for my teachers over the years. I’ve brought it to many schools throughout my career, and I see it help teachers to be their best selves, serving learners with engaging and effective literacy instruction time and time again. I have all of my mainstream teachers from preschool-3rd grade licensed and trained in PIM; It’s great in the classroom (preventing pullouts) and also in individualized intervention. The multi-sensory methods, paired with clear and fun instruction makes Phonics in Motion a program that is impactful for both the advanced student that needs further enrichment, and the struggler who needs additional support. It's also the only program that pulls it all together, connecting all 5 pillars of literacy instruction in our literacy block. 


  • Everything available to individual educators plus:
  • Large group onboarding of all teachers and support staff
  • Customized Professional Development
  • Volume Based Discounts
  • VIP Customer Support
  • Usage data and reporting
  • Complimentary administrator licenses

Bring equal learning opportunities to your PreK-3rd grade classrooms. Imagine the impact of your students having fun and familiar, effective multi-sensory literacy tools to lean on year after year. Close learning gaps & reduce intervention needs.

Phonics in Motion can be your sole literacy instruction, or it can be the equally important glue that pulls already purchased but siloed curricula together. Make the boring parts of reading fun. Get learners engaged and moving. Turn every teacher into the creative educator that students will never forget.

Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Writing should be taught together, explicitly, in an authentic and fluid way that enables educators to differentiate and scaffold.

Educator licensing includes everything: teaching strategies, knowledge, tools, professional development, and lesson planning; all from one trusted partner. We can help. Please contact us for volume-based discounts, and school/group professional development plans.

The Four Components of Phonics in Motion
Does the word live in the Vowel House or on the Word Wall?
Let's use the KMPs to listen and find out!

PIM is intentionally designed to provide multi-sensory speech, reading, and writing skill development in a connected way.  Being a PIM teacher means knowing how to teach learners to connect the dots between phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Being a PIM learner means you equate learning and fun as one and the same.

The four components fit together in a delivery strategy that is so much fun that kids look forward to reading and writing. PIM's powerful movements, motions, and stories effectively develop literacy skills through authentic language experiences.


Language Calendar

Modeled Written Language

The Language Calendar is a structure for modeling written language daily and features how letters, sounds, and words work in the English language for effective communication. Of course, all of the other components are scaffolded and pulled into the LC. Teachers use the LC to develop state standards for early literacy. 


Kinesthetic Motion for Phonemes

PIM teaches explicit development of phonemic awareness with the Kinesthetic Motions for the Phonemes and the accompanying routine for phonemic awareness. The KMPs make learning memorable, engaging, and fun for both students and teachers. Learning these 41 phonemes is critical to the long-term learning and mastery of reading and writing.

Reading & Writing Monster

Letter ID, Formation & Directionality

The Reading & Writing Monster is a fun-loving character placed on the left of any writing surface. It develops directionality and has a story to tell about every letter; teaching proper letter stroking and left to right directionality as learners stroke towards or away from the monster. The KMP (sound) that goes with each letter is embedded in each monster story.


Vowel House

Vowel Sounds & Spellings

The Vowel House is your new home for phonics instruction. Your learners won't know that though; they'll be engaging with the characters who live in each window as they learn the sounds that each vowel makes, along with the primary and alternate spelling patterns in our language. The VH becomes a reference guide to support first graders and beyond to develop their analytical decision-making skills related to spelling. It's your go-to tool for how to teach spelling

Phonics in Motion will offers tools and knowledge to help you deliver fun and effective instruction in speech, reading, and writing.
Enjoy and have FUN! 

Questions? Email us at support@phonicsinmotion.com

We’d love to see you and your students in action!
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In this Super Pack You’ll Get: 

  • All 26 Reading and Writing Monster™ Handwriting Story animations. 
  • A variety of Downloadable Monster Paper™ for handwriting practice.  
  • A variety of activities to keep your little one busy and learning (preschool to second grade). 
  • If you have children in different grades, you do not need to purchase two versions; we have included modifications for learning levels. 

Example Handwriting Story Animation 

Monster Paper™  Download & print many options for different activities.


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