Try a mini lesson at home with your little one. Get moving with a free KMP & a Monster Story.

You'll see how you can easily develop Phonics for Preschool, Kindergarten, and all the way through third grade too. 

Try a mini lesson at home with your little one.Get moving with a free KMP & a Monster Story.

You'll see how you can easily develop Phonics for Preschool, Kindergarten, and all the way through third grade too. 

Try a mini lesson with your little one. Get moving with a free KMP & a Monster Story.

Try a mini lesson at home with your little one. Get moving with a free KMP & a Monster Story.

Phonics in Motion© (PIM) was made for families who want to take an active role in their kids' learning without sacrificing FUN.

With the child spirit at the heart of everything we do, PIM is a multi-sensory teaching method that changes the way kids learn speech, reading, and writing.

"Phonics in Motion is an amazing program that teaches phonics for kindergarten and preschoolers, first graders, and second graders too. My son has moved up multiple reading levels and is excelling in First Grade. I'm so grateful for Phonics in Motion."
-- Andrea Pollock, PIM Parent

$47.00 for 1 year

A heavily requested, simple, and complete teaching module for every letter in the alphabet.

Too much time on Zoom? Want to spend quality time with your little one while developing literacy (shhhhh)? Lessons are in-person, relationship-based, VERY fun, and child-like.

Designed for parents and grandparents, this program teaches you literacy best practices so that you are in control and confident. Complete lessons for each letter include the KMPs for sound development, the Reading & Writing Monster for letter ID and handwriting. They also include all of the steps, content, activities, and downloadables for you to work with your little one(s).

Suggested grade level modifications are provided, making this a great place to start for both advanced preschoolers and second graders. This program is great for use with children of many ages! This is a great place to get your feet wet with PIM!


  • Provides simple & fun complete teaching modules for every letter in the alphabet.
  • Demonstrates how to always start simple and then add complexity.
  • Develops critical Phonemic Awareness foundation, a step so many programs overlook.
  • Brings movement into learning with 26 KMPs (our motions to mark each sound).
  • Offers 26 lowercase and 26 uppercase handwriting story animations to teach writing and directionality in a fun and easy to remember way.
  • Affords quality time with your little one(s) - where you always model what you are working on and then move toward independent practice.
  • Matches concept to print with Letter ID animations.
  • Provides a simple teaching sequence + additional animations for PIM stories to those who own a PIM book.
  • Includes downloadable and printable worksheets and activities.
  • Includes skill modifications if needed for K, 1st, and 2nd grades.
  • Includes step-by-step training on how to use each module, with video content from teachers with hundreds of years of combined experience teaching early literacy.
  • And TONS more - click below to learn more!
$37.00 for 1 year

The development of phonemic awareness (the ability to hear and differentiate between the smallest sounds in our language) is critical to the long-term learning and mastery of reading and writing.

There are approximately 41 phonemes (distinct sounds) in the English language. PIM has a Kinesthetic Motion for each Phoneme (KMPs), as well as for various word endings and "chunks." They make learning more memorable, engaging, and fun for both students and teachers.

The KMPs are a simple yet powerful place to start developing literacy before entering Kindergarten. You want your child to be able to hear each sound (and show you with the motion) before ever working on matching a letter to a sound or writing letters. Once writing work has begun, the KMPs are used extensively in tandem with phonics work throughout second and third grades. They are used simultaneously with children of many different ages and skill levels - they all benefit, and you can meet one or many learners right where they are. 

The KMPs are multi-sensory and are used naturally throughout your day.  Imagine doing a simple motion for s when you are in the car at a stop sign. These are playful and powerful movements that turn little ones into investigators of sound; they LOVE them. They are not sign language and are unlike motions in any other program. They actually deliver information about how our mouths produce each sound -- you can feel them! Like all PIM tools, the KMPs offer "another way in" to understanding and will be a tool that your learner(s) will have to lean on as they read and write on their own at home and in school.


  • Develops a critical phonemic awareness foundation to support future reading and writing development, a step so often overlooked.
  • Allows learners to differentiate between the smallest sounds in our language in order to take them apart and put them together when reading and writing. KMPs are the foundation for Phonics.
  • Includes a video library with all 51 KMPs, as well as training videos.
  • Provides a great place to start with preschoolers, and a necessary tool to incorporate with reading and phonics work throughout second grade.
  • Expands the Complete Early Literacy Program. Once you use the 26 KMPs for the alphabet, you'll want a motion for every sound!
  • Allows you to feel the sound in your body as you produce the motion - the motion mimics what your mouth has to do to produce the sound.
  • Demonstrates KMPs through letter cards, downloadables, poems and nursery rhymes.
  • Offers tips to use the KMPs with different grades and skill levels.
  • And LOTS more - click below to learn more!
$199.00 for 1 year

Teaching your little one doesn't stop after learning the alphabet.  Almost all families end up adding additional PIM packages later on. Get it all and save!

The family bundle includes the book, the book owner's resources, and all family products. Each family product comes with the necessary virtual training needed for you to learn how to use each component. Training is quick and to the point, but powerful.

We've taken all of our teacher solutions and packaged them in a way that will enable any parent, grandparent, or adult to teach reading and writing skills in a multi-sensory, engaging, in-person way.

To keep prices as low as possible while making an effort to reach as many families as possible, PIM family products include a one-year subscription that can be renewed year after year.


  • Bang for your buck - suitable for preschool - 3rd grade.
  • EVERYTHING PIM offers families at one discounted price.
  • Training for every component of PIM so you know what you need to do to help.
  • All 51 KMPs (motions for the sounds in our language)
  • Tools to develop all 5 pillars of early literacy
  • The Vowel House
  • Worksheets & Downloadables
  • The Language Calendar
  • Handwriting Story Animations
  • Letter ID Animations
  • Digraph animations
  • 26 Uppercase, + 26 Lowercase Handwriting Stories
  • The Phonics in Motion Book
  • Every Story PIM has -- no more hard to remember rules!
  • Instant access to the PIM community to share your journey with.
  • Customer Support to answer your Questions
  • Multi-sensory, and based in sound.



Jackie Kelley

My children are hearing impaired and I can truly say that PIM has changed our lives. The kids love using PIM and their phonemic awareness has progressed incredibly. It worked so well for us that I got their school to buy it for my child's class, and they soon added it to all classrooms. At all the parent/teacher meetings I attended this past week, we talked about them using PIM and the staff was saying just how blown away they were using the program last year! A mom of a hearing boy even piped up just how wonderful a program it was for her son that was having such a difficult time prior to learning phonics! My heart is/was full of joy hearing her testimony too!!

Dulce Abada

I am in the Philippines, teaching my kids English as their second language. I am so happy I found something that is so fun that it makes teaching a second language to little ones so easy. It seems like they are just having fun and not even learning. I know that I am setting them up for success and I can see them learning so much every day.

Shanna McCoy

I couldn't have imagined the incredible impact it would have on my little one's ability to read and write.  After 2 years of speech therapy and still working on the same sounds over and over again, my then 6-year-old used a kinesthetic motion for the /k/ sound and it was like he was really hearing it for the first time.  This was our first real breakthrough in speech. When we sit down to write, he carefully uses kinesthetic motions to determine which letters will form the words he wants whenever he gets stuck. Oftentimes, he will repeat the story that goes with each letter if he forgets how to write it on paper.  Thank you Phonics in Motion!


You'll want to check out our Educator Solutions!

Here's a testimonial from a homeschool parent who used our school year program for teachers. 


  • School year curriculum
  • Organized by our scope and sequence
  • Specific for each grade level
  • Includes EVERYTHING that family products offer, but is designed to be used as the child's sole literacy instruction

Phonics in Motion will give you the help you need to help your child have fun with handwriting, speech, and reading, which will help them with school, where they’ll have new writing skills to show off! Enjoy and have FUN! 

In this Super Pack You’ll Get: 

  • All 26 Reading and Writing Monster™ Handwriting Story animations. 
  • A variety of Downloadable Monster Paper™ for handwriting practice.  
  • A variety of activities to keep your little one busy and learning (preschool to second grade). 
  • If you have children in different grades, you do not need to purchase two versions; we have included modifications for learning levels. 

Example Handwriting Story Animation 

Monster Paper™  Download & print many options for different activities.


Questions? Email us at support@phonicsinmotion.com

We’d love to see you and your little one in action!
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