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Learning together becomes quality time. 

Join us, and develop a lifelong love of learning with your little one.

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Supports different ages & skill levels! This multisensory program develops:


Curious kiddos, with tons of questions? If you came to chat at our booth, you already know why bike says "bike," and not "bik"! 

Because … “Big Mouth e” is hanging around at the end of the word, and what is he doing? He's calling his friend, “i i i”! 

We have a creative answer, just like this one, for all of those hard-to-answer questions your curious kiddos want answers for.

Our Mission:

Why We're Here: Phonics in Motion exists to help families set kids up for successful, happy lives.

Join us! We do this by offering you a way to teach reading and writing that truly develops a life-long love of learning

Children are set up for success with the gift of literacy, while forming a highly positive relationship with learning.

With Phonics in Motion, learning and fun become one and the same.

What is Phonics in Motion?


My kids practically beg for more reading and writing time.  It's the most fun and comprehensive early literacy method I have come across.

- Gina Palazzo, PIM Kindergarten Teacher & mama of two.

PIM has changed my homeschool family dynamic. I feel confident in my ability to meet all of my kids' needs, and we have so much fun together. 

- Laci Danielson, PIM mama of three.

Questions? Email us at support@phonicsinmotion.com

We’d love to see you and your little one in action!
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