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These tools make planning easy, and learning fun.

Kinesthetic Motions for Phonemes

PIM has a KMP™ for each phoneme and various word endings, which makes learning more memorable, engaging and fun for both students and teachers Pre-K through second grade.

Reading & Writing Monster™

The RW Monster is an animated character placed on the left of any writing surface. It supports letter formation with language stories for directionality. Kids absolutely love engaging with the monster.

Language Calendar™

PIM provides a structure for modeling written language daily and features how letters, sounds and words work in the English language for effective communication, as well as developing the concepts of print for early literacy.

Vowel House™

The VH is a graphic organizer of vowel sounds and alternate spellings. It incorporates the KMPs to reinforce the phonemic foundations for the vowels.

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Pre-K students need to hear and identify sounds in the English language. They begin to note letter-sound correspondence as they begin to write and develop concepts of print. Educators and parents utilize PIM's KMPs™, the Reading & Writing Monster™ and the Language Calendar™.

First Grade

First Grade students continue to develop phonemic awareness, most especially with exposure to the vowel sounds. All components of PIM are integrated–the KMPs™, the Language Calendar™, RW Monster™ , and the VH™ – to strengthen the skill set of the first grade child.

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