What is the Phonics in Motion© method?

PIM is a multi-sensory teaching method used by educators, parents and school districts alike to assist in the teaching of reading and writing. PIM integrates the use of kinesthetic motions for the sounds within the English language, introduces a structure for daily modeled writing, addresses directionality and letter formation, and teaches a system for the development of vowel sounds and their alternate spellings.

Phonics in Motion© integrates into authentic literacy experiences throughout the school day. It can be used as an independent stand-alone system or can be used in correlation with learning systems you already use in your classroom.


Modeled Written Language

The Language Calendar™ integrates all of the components of the PIM system. It is a structure for modeling written language daily and features how letters, sounds and words work in the English language for effective communication, as well as developing the concepts of print for early literacy. It is a format for the teacher or parent to demonstrate how they think as they write.


Letter Formation & Directionality

The Reading & Writing Monster™ is a free-flowing animated character placed on the left of any writing surface. It develops directionality and helps students understand letter formation based on writing towards or away from the character. PIM utilizes stories and activities that integrate the KMPs™ to help students learn through auditory, visual and kinesthetic modalities.


Vowel Sounds & Alternate Spellings

The Vowel House™ is a graphic organizer of the vowel sounds and alternate spellings used in the English language. The Vowel House™ is built in the first grade with the children as they develop their analytic skills and is displayed and expanded throughout the primary grades. The Vowel House™ incorporates the KMPs™ to reinforce the phonemic foundation for the vowels.


Kinesthetic Motions for the Phonemes

The development of phonemic awareness is critical to the long-term learning and mastery of reading and writing. There are approximately 41 phonemes in the English language. PIM has a KMP™ for each phoneme and various word endings, which makes learning more memorable, engaging and fun for both students and teachers Pre-K through elementary.

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